Message From the Principal

""I take this opportunity to congratulate the teachers students and non teaching staff of Kijabe Girls’ High school for good work done over a couple of years .The mean of score of 2008 was 6.85, In the results of 2009, KGHS produced over 80 girls who qualified for entry in universities for various degree courses. This resulted in a district award for the Best Boarding Secondary School with Value Added Progress to the Students, in 2010 the mean score was  7.00 and in 2011 our mean score was 7.3 the highest ever in kijabe girls high school.This is an indicatioin that the Vision and mission of the school is achieved .

Our light is indeed shinning in co-curricular  activities like sciences congress and music that saw us reach the nationals  games have gone to the provincial level year 2009 and also this year i.e 2010 the both club took our flag to the national level and our football team going up to provincial finals.

I sincerely thank parents Board of Governors and PTA for their continued support of the school’s development and more so in infrastructure.We take pride particuraly in the new playground ,the generator and the schoolbus.

I also commend the students for the discipline  they have displayed .This indeed is our secret to success.

Our school is christian based institution which is sponsored by the AIC church and our values are biblcal .These include love, respect,self-control and fear of God.We are committed to producing fully-fledged individuals who are productive in the society.

Finally, I would like to thank the Almighly God in Whom all things are possible to they that believe.

Ms Patricia Mwau


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