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 KGHS provides the 8-4-4 syllabus under the aegis of the Kenya National Curriculum. The
examinable subjects offered are: English, Kiswahili, Mathematics,
Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Christian Religious
Education, Home Science, Computer Studies, French, Agriculture and
Business Studies. Physical Education is a non-examinable subject offered
in all classes. Girls in Forms One and Two do a total of eleven subjects.
At the end of Form Two, the girls make subject selection adhering to the
guidelines given by the careers department.At form three  the learner is required to study 7 subjects adn the school policy  is one to study 8 subjects which will be examinable .A part from giving the learner wide exposure,This ensures that there is added advantage for one who sits 8 as the grading and ranking will be based on 7 at KCSE level.

The above curriculum is managed through departments as follows

maths and computer - maths department

English and kiswahili - Languages department 

Biology,Physics and Chemistry - Science department


Homescince,Agriculture,French,Bussiness studies - technical and creative Arts department

Each of these department is managed by a H.O.d appoonted either by the teachers Service Commission or through internal school appointed.the school encourages healthy inter as well as intra departmental competion  and members take pride in good performance posted by subjects in various  department.A reward system is also in place to recognize those students and teachers who post excellent performance through recognition certicates and othe tokens of appreciation.

over the years the school has registered improved results in k.c.s.e and thre are numerous trophies both at divisional level as well as district level. In 2009,The school was recognised at the district level for adding most value to students in terms of entry and exit behaviour,Additionally ,out of 157 candidates who sat for KCSE 80 of them scored grade c+ and above implying that they are eligible for university admission

the office of the Dean of studies coordinates academic affairs in the school and pledges to continue building strong pillars for academic success.

Mr Muigai F.C

Dean of studies

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